Blades of Glory, LLC

kitchen knife sharpening


​columbus, ohio

Blades of Glory 

is a mobile

knife sharpening operation based in Columbus, OH.

We provide an efficient knife sharpening solution to your specification and satisfaction.  

In the OSU vicinity...

We'll stop in your driveway, sharpen your knives and be off in about 10-15 minutes.  You can even leave your knives in a safe place, we'll stop by, sharpen them, leave them safely wrapped and invoice you by e-mail!

Prices - tax included

cash or credit or will invoice via e-mail

  • $5  chef's knife
  • $5  (most) serrated edge knife
  • $3  medium blade
  • $2  paring knife
  • $5  cleaver
  • $3  pocket knife
  • $4 meat grinder plate
  • $4 meat grinder blade
  • sorry no scissors

How to find us

We're currently working weeknights and weekends.

text 614-270-8424 or shoot us a message explaining your needs


Sharpening details

Most knives are sharpened at 18 degrees for best blade strength and durability.  Cleavers are sharpened at 30 degrees.  Customers may specify a different angle for sharpening.

Instagram: @bladesofgloryllc