Blades of Glory, LLC

mobile kitchen knife sharpening

in Columbus OH


or text 614-379-2411


We work within 5 miles of OSU / Clintonville

We'll stop in your driveway, sharpen your knives and be off in about 10-15 minutes.  You can even leave your knives in a safe place, we'll stop by, sharpen them, leave them safely wrapped and invoice you by e-mail!

Prices - tax included

cash, credit, check or invoice via e-mail

  • $5  chef's, serrated, cleaver
  • $3  blade of 5" or less
  • $7  (and up) repairs 
  • $7  Scissors
  • $5  (and up) pocket knife
  • $5 meat grinder plate
  • $5 meat grinder blade
  • $20 minimum for visits, but you're always welcome to arrange to visit me for a smaller job.

We use guided sanders and carefully chosen abrasives for sharpening or sharpen manually by stone, depending on your preference and size of the job (stone sharpening is extra).  We do Japanese and Western knives.

Instagram: @bladesofgloryllc