​​​chef's, serrated, cleaver, paring, etc$5 each
edge repairextra
pocket knives$5+
garden nippers$5 - $10
hedge clippers$15
lawn mower blades, must be removed$10
axes, hatchets$10
meat grinder blades $10
meat grinder plates$10

Blades of Glory

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

in Columbus OH

We offer 3 ways to get your knives sharpened

1. While you wait
If you want to wait for your job - or do an errand while I work (popular), we can plan a specific time.  Most jobs of 10 knives or fewer can be done in an hour (or less).   When you message, let me know the approximate job size (there's no minimum).

2. Drop Off Service

  • Drop off your knives in the toolbox outside of my address near Glen Echo Ravine in Clintonville anytime day or night.  The box will have an un-locked padlock on it, When you deposit your knives, lock the box with the padlock and spin the dials.  
  • The knives will be sharpened/serviced, wrapped securely and placed back in the box.
  • I'll message you when they're done and give you the combo for the toolbox lock.
  • Turnaround time.  I'll be finished with your job by 7-8 pm that day; I'll message you if different.
  • You can pick them up anytime at all, next day is fine.

3. Sharpening on site

For larger jobs, sharpening on site is available, in the OSU vicinity, $50 minimum.


  • leave cash or a check with your knives
  • cash, check or credit at time of pickup
  • I can invoice you (please make sure I have your e-mail address).
  • Venmo


​e-mail dave@bladesofglory.org or

text me 614-379-2411

I can't answer phone calls

Send an image of the knives for a more accurate quote.

Prices - tax included

cash, credit, check or Venmo

We use guided sanders with abrasives chosen to maximize the life of your knife or use whetstone depending on the knife.  We do Japanese and Western style knives.