Blades of Glory, LLC

kitchen knife sharpening


​columbus, ohio

What we do

Blades of Glory, LLC

is a small mobile

knife sharpening operation based in Columbus, OH.

We provide an efficient knife sharpening solution to your specification and satisfaction.  

Prices, include 5.75% sales tax

cash or credit accepted, trades considered

  • Paring knives, $2-3
  • Chef's knives, $5
  • Serrated edges, $7
  • Cleavers, $7

Services coming soon

  • Scissors
  • Tool blades

How to find us

While setting up, we still require an electrical outlet for our equipment (soon we'll have a generator for full mobile action).  If you can provide that, shoot us a message and we'll be there.  We're currently working weeknights and weekends.


Sharpening details

We use belt a belt sander type sharpening system.  Most knives are sharpened at 20 degrees for best blade strength and durability.  Cleavers are sharpened at 30 degrees.  Serrated edges often require additional manual honing.  Customers may specify a different angle for sharpening.

Anything else?

Delivering knives to the sharpener should be safe, wrapping them in a dish towel is a simple means to keep the knives and yourself safe.  When finished, I'll clean them with isopropanol and wrap them in heavy paper for the return trip.