Blades of Glory

kitchen knife sharpening

most kitchen knives, $5 - $10

scissors, $10

some garden tools, $5-15

Drop Off Service

2761 Kensington Pl E, 43202

1. Drop your knives in the toolbox outside of my address anytime day or night - the toolbox is secured to the driveway.
2. The box will have an un-locked padlock on it.
3. When you deposit your knives/tools, secure the box with the padlock, spin the dials on the lock and let me know by text (614-379-2411) that you dropped off.  
4. I'll message you with a price when I'm finished and give you the combo for the toolbox lock.
5. Turnaround time:  I'll be finished with your job later that day or next.
6. You can pick them up anytime at all.

Payment options:
When you pick up your knives/tools:

1. leave cash or check (to David Scarpetti)

2. Venmo - @bladesofglory
3. Apple Cash - 61four-two70-8424
4. Credit card (via Square)